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It starts...for real

I was hoping this would turn into something I was adding to everyday. But the past week has been extremely busy and we just got our pictures to start working again on iPhoto. I'm going to try to put some shots from January - March on and then try to add photos daiily, or close to it.

Lillian is so much fun to be with. She is starting to smile and interact with you when you are taling to her. She seems to like the sound of her own voice so she is "talking" alot especially when she's happy. She was sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks but after our long weekend away from home shehas struggled to sleep as well. However she still only gets up once and this is usually early morning.

We have lots of matters to discuss and finalize between now and August. It has been decided that Kyle will go to Waco for a Spanish language course from May 30 - July 01. This will be extremely hard for us to be apart this long. However it looks like I will have at least one v…

IT Problems

Sorry, more to come soon. We are having technical difficulties with our iPhoto so I haven't been able to upload any other photos yet.

Yesterday Kyle caught on tape Lillian speaking her first word (or so say her parents). If we manage to be able to put the video on our computer we will also try to send that out to family soon.

We are heading to the Island to visit with (Great) Grandpa and Gram, Uncle Bill and Aunt Jayne, and Paul and Jennifer this weekend. Possibly one last time on the Island?? We will of course have to visit Victoria as well and are joined by some friends from Calgary too. Lillian's first BC ferry ride, maybe we'll finally see those Orcas we've been dreaming about for 4 plus years!

Don't mess with...

We had a nice Easter weekend. The biggest celebration for the family started on Thursday afternoon when we found out that Kyle got into Baylor University for this coming school year. Our lives changed drastically upon hearing this news. Kyle has now spoken to a couple Baylor professors and admin people over the past couple of days with questions and answers and has now given them the official "yes"!

It will probably be early August that we will leave Vancouver so there is lots to do 'one last time'. Unfortunately Kyle may also need to go to Waco for 5 weeks for a language course that he has to pass before classes start in August.

For those of you that don't know already, Baylor University is located in Waco Texas about 2 hours south of Dallas and an hour and a half north of Austin. Some of things that we are excited about are the low cost of living in Waco, Lake Waco, and great recreational facilities on campus for the whole family(!). Of course we are al…

The Welty Family

Welcome to the new website for Kyle, Katie, and Lillian Welty. We will be adding slowing to this including new family news and photos. We hope you enjoy!!!