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What would you like for dinner?

April 29, 2007

"I would like apple juice, dora yogurt, cheese stick, and water," Lillian says.

Eight years ago

May 2001 - One month before the wedding.

This is one of my favorite photos of Kyle and I even though I know it's a bit of a forced smile on my part (yes Rachel, I know). Dina took it on an OBX weekend camping trip we went on with her and Brian. Wow, that was quite a long time ago. This pic has hung on many cork boards over the years so I finally decided to scan it.

In case you can't tell we were sitting IN a tree. "First comes love, then comes marriage..."


It's been raining almost constantly since yesterday. We got up this morning to head out to some yard sales/church sales but after we were out I realized that I'd forgotten my wallet. So we returned home. I made a pot of coffee, Jack settled down for his morning nap, and then Lillian and I cooked Egg Muffins and now we're working on Pizza Meatloaf. Actually she started crafting at the table, surrounded by paper, stickers, scissors, and glue.

It's a perfect rainy Saturday!


Kyle is in Montreal for 6 days at a conference. He's reading his paper on Saturday. He's been looking forward to this for awhile not only because it's in Montreal but because he gets to hang out with his old roommate from Durham who now lives there with his wife. He'll have some free time to spend with them as well as see the city, though he really has to spend much of his time reading/studying for prelims which are a week after he returns! Kyle took the camera so we'll have legitimate shots of the city, etc next week.

PS. L and J are currently (finally) sleeping in the same room tonight. We are going to get Jack sleeping through the night before Kyle's return!!!

New Nephew/Cousin

This is a late congratulations for Matt and Hannah who welcomed Samuel Alec Hawkins into the world Saturday, April 4 at 11:47 a.m. PST, weighing in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces (one more ounce than his big brother) and measuring 20 1/2 inches (same as his brother). He has very light eyelashes and some dark hair, and looks a lot like his brother.
Lillian and I have been cooking together recently. She really enjoys stealing a lick or bite of the batter, especially when it contains chocolate chips. She also really enjoys the 'clean up' which means playing in the sink with water and assorted water tools. It keeps her occupied for quite awhile.

I'm also adding another point to my Benefits of Two list. Lillian has been so good at entertaining Jack. On multiple occasions she has been able to keep him happy during his fussy or clingy time (about 5:30 - when I'm trying to cook dinner). Her trick of course is music and dancing. Video would not suffice but most of you will be able to see this in action within a couple months.

Jack Jack

A quick visit to Galveston

We headed down to Galveston Wednesday (Katie, Lillian and Jack) with some friends (Mary Mac, Adam and Ryan). We ended up only staying one night since the weather turned bad and we were all crowding into one room. Lillian and Adam (2) had lots of fun together riding in the car and playing games at the hotel. Jack and Ryan (2 wks older than Jack) did very well though as you can imagine it's not easy trying to get 4 kids to sleep at the same time in the same room. We managed. We woke up to some stormy weather on Thursday so we decided to head home and surprise our husbands with our early arrival.

Our first visit to the Texas coast was way too short so hopefully we'll get another one in before another year goes by.