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We love our Grammy

One of the sweetest things was when we were taking Grammy to the airport this week and Jack realizing what was going on, whined "Nooo, I miss you Grammy."

Thank you Mom/Grammy so much for coming!!!

The kids all have a special connection with their Grammy and spent a great two weeks with her.  Poor Lillian quickly learned the disadvantage of going to school now, she missed out on a lot of time with Grammy.  She even missed taking her to the airport.  Next time we'll have to definitely arrange for Grammy to have lunch with her at school.


Weekend in Nashville


Grammy to the rescue

Kyle's parents came for a visit watch the kids while Kyle and I took off for a long weekend trip to Nashville.  They arrived Tuesday afternoon, we left Thursday afternoon, Grandpa left Saturday morning, and we returned Monday afternoon.  The kids did great and Grammy did even better - she survived!  Amidst the everyday struggles she also dealt with one kid throwing up (on the first night!), getting Lillian ready for school, one kid deciding to stop napping, strange neighbors, hot weather, storms, and lots more...

We are glad to be back and although we missed seeing their smiling faces, Kyle and I had a great and much needed relaxing weekend away.  Who is up for the challenge of watching them next time? :)

Our favorite zoo

Nothing beats a visit to the Cameron Park Zoo.  

New mercies every morning

Leah has her new heart!!  She is in the ICU and has already awoken and responded well.  Regular updates can be found on their blog: Parker Family.

Leah Grace

Leah Grace is on her way to the hospital for her new heart, right now! (2:00pm cst) Please pray!!!

Cabin Fever

The weather is beautiful but we are all sick.  Lillian even had to stay home from school today.  The kids are going bonkers so we still get out as much as possible.  Last night we met Kyle at school for a little picnic.


The heat finally relented, so we ventured outdoors at long last. We even have the a/c off.

September 1st

This has been a busy week, and it's not over yet.

Lillian is still thriving, today she received the Best Listener award in music class.  Jack and Wes and I are getting use to being without her, much quieter.  We are finding our rhythm to the day.  Wes seems to be at his best when he's allowed to roam thru the house finding whatever pleases him.  It doesn't necessarily end well for me but it keeps him happy.  I just found a pile of cheerios on the floor that he spilled.  And after lamenting over the mess and asking him to pick them up, I saw him go and pick up the dust pan and broom.  He often  plays in his room quietly.  Yes it's true, just not for very long.

Jack loves to annoy him.  Yesterday he decided it would be fun to sit on Wes' head while they were playing on the trampoline.  It didn't take long before they were sweaty, red, and dirty and needed a cool down in the tub.  Oh wait, that was this morning not yesterday.
I wish we could get away to the lak…