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Favorite Words

This video needs a little explanation. I started filming just because it was reading time before bed and this is Lillian's new favorite book. Kyle also does a bit of an English accent when he reads it for some reason. But of course as soon as I started Lillian lost interest in the book and was more interested in seeing herself on video. I flipped the viewer around at some point and that's when she says her name and starts to jump up and down. Meanwhile Kyle is trying to get her to say "Waco, Texas" and "Cookie Monster". She does manage both but you have to pay attention. She's talking a lot more but those are our favorite

Get posting

I'm feeling the need to post lately with all the recent activity from friends and family putting up new posts. My problem is that we haven't been taking as many pictures lately. In fact, Grammy (Kyle's mom) was here for a nice visit after Easter and we didn't get any pictures to document. I'll have to ask her to send some. Lillian was overjoyed with the attention and wanted to share everything with her Grammy. I was constantly hearing "Grammy come" " Grammy sit down" "Grammy see" over and over again.

The next weekend Kyle put up this swing in the front yard and the first day Lillian spent close to 1.5 hours swinging. We need extra hands for pushing if any of you can come this way.

We also went to our first Baylor baseball game last Sunday. We could only stay until about the 4th inning in order to get home for Lillian's nap but fortunately the score was 11-1 when we left so we saw lots of action. It's a great park with…

Mrs Bear update

I just couldn't help myself posting this pic from 2 years ago and the update. Mrs. Bear is quite worn in and seems to be losing her nose.