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Fair Day, July 22

On to Lancaster Ohio to see the Welty and Grimm families.  Our first day there was Fair Day of the Lancaster Festival.  Lots of fun for the kids just a couple blocks away at the fairgrounds.  There is a ton that we did last week so I'll try to post more tomorrow.  The kids had a great time and then the next day would be just as fun or more!  

Last Week in Durham

Well, after spending three weeks in Durham without Jaja and Grandpa, they finally came home.  We picked Jaja up at the airport and surprised her a bit with all of us since it was 9:30pm.  We spent the week jumping in the pool, cooking, having tea, playing at the park, and going on walks.  

This one is for you

33 days apart. Really really hard, and yes I know it's harder for him.

The Digglers return to DURHAM

This is of course embarrassing that I don't have more photos, but really, we were having just too much fun to stop and take pics.  Sorry.

David and Mandy returned to the great city of Durham (that they never realized) to visit us.  We spent three great days together.  One day we had a picnic at the American Tobacco Warehouses (village?  I'm not sure of the correct name) despite the rain.  The kids loved the attention and fell easily back into the rhythm of the good old days in Waco.  

Trouble times 2

Have I already commented on the two two year olds running around 1406 these days?  I know Rachel has and I love telling everyone that knows the two.  It sure is a sight to see.  Wes and Asher just love each other.  They are either off in a corner of the house or running back and forth in their diapers (they were suppose to be encouraging the other one to potty train, somehow that went nowhere).  I love it when Wes says something and Asher repeats and then they just keep going.  There arguments go on forever because they just repeat each other, "that's my mommy", "no, that's my mommy" "no that's my mommy".  And they aren't even fighting over Rach and I, they are fighting over the saying of "that's my mommy", crazy kids!

Adah Joy

This sweet little thing is so easy to love.  So smiley and expressive and so cute and little.  And although she reminds me a lot of another little girl (about 6 years ago) she is her own person and definitely a keeper.

2 plus 3 plus 4 = a whole lot of fun

We had so much fun with these guys, 2 and a half days of laughter, craziness, play, pool, food, park, and heat.  We manged to squeeze in the park, dinner, and pool in the first 3 hours.  Ruth had the four kids sleeping on the floor upstairs.  And my three kids were in the basement.  The next 2 days we got up early, stayed up late, ate and played, and played and ate.   We made some good memories.

The fourth

Decorating scooter and strollers with streamers; sweating it up on the 6 block parade; waiting in line for yummy cupcakes and ice cold lemonade; meeting new people, surveying the crowd for old friends; climbing into the fire truck and police car; singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge of allegiance; and crashing hard after a quick lunch.

Half the fun of a summer holiday, the rest is dinner with family and friends and fireworks!