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Visit to Duncan

On the MV Coho from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, BC

Gampa with Lillian and Phillip in an Arbutus tree (Beacon Hill Park, Victoria)
'Captain Crunch' Uncle Bill's first and only tugboat - isn't she a beaut?

The crew before leaving

Finally, another post

So here I am again, way behind in posting. Lots of stuff going on, tomorrow we are heading to Victoria (and on to Duncan) for the week. (Sorry Mom W you can't be with us.) Rachel will meet us up there on Tuesday. If the weather gets nice maybe we'll even head to Cowichan Lake for a ski and tea (that's to entice all the far away Miners).

So for now, here are a couple pics from the last couple weeks.

Fourth of July - red, white and blue

Kyle doesn't stop his woodworking even for the holiday.

Manchester Park for a picnic and a swim, maybe.

Too cold and too much seaweed. Actually, we visited this park again a couple weeks later with my parents and she did get in and made me get in too. It wasn't too bad but I prefer to leave the cold water tasks to Kyle.

Fun with Jake in Vancouver

Thought I would put up some pics from our visit with the Howards in Vancouver two weeks ago. As some of you remember, Jake and Lillian are 11 days apart and we spent a lot of time with them those first 6 months. They've come along way since then. Wonder what the pictures will look like from the next visit?

Making Rolls

Finally I'm able to post this. Enjoy. We sure loved the rolls. Now it's time to make some more!