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Lillian Eats!

Night Market

We've had three days of milestones:

1) Friday Lillian turned 5 months old, yeah!
2) Saturday Kyle and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary though in separate countries.
3) And today was Father's Day, Kyle's first and Dad's 32nd!

We went to the Richmond Night Market tonight for some dinner and wandering. It was a lot of fun. We shared Pork Su Mai Dim Sum, I had Pad Thai while Dad had a bowl of Korean noodles and then we split a Korean roll. Lillian was content sucking her fingers for the hour.

In other really does look like Lillian will have red hair, at least for a little while. Can't wait to share her with all of ya'll!

Grandpa comes to Vancouver

Dad arrived on Wednesday afternoon and we've had a great time so far. Although she doesn't realize it's her grandpa I think she is enjoying being around someone other than just me. Lots of smiles and squeals to make us laugh.

We are also enjoying spending our mornings with a cup of coffee and a World Cup game or two. Here are some pics from our adventures the last two days with hopefully lots more to come.

I think Dad is enjoying all the comments he's getting when carrying her around as above. Aaww, so cute.

Another Saturday

Here are some pics from yesterday. A good friend babysat for Lillian while I was out for about two hours. From the pics it looks like she didn't miss me much.

Now we are off to a cookout with our Co-op.

Congratulations! You are the proud new owner...

...of a 1988 Volvo 240!

We have been extremely blessed over the past few months and were amazed a yet another answered prayer! Kyle has been hard at work trying to find a car which is really difficult to do without the means to get anywhere. He'd recently been in communication with someone regarding a Volvo (we love our current 1982 Volvo 240) located in Dallas. Milan and Elizabeth had offered to help out as needed. However today after speaking with the owner of the 1988 240, she called back after a half hour and said that her husband and her had decided to give the car to us. It was originally posted at $1200 so you can imagine our shock and now gratitude.

It will be a great addition to our family.


Kyle has been quite busy the last 10 days trying to buy a car, get settled, go to class, and even working 12 hours a week for a professor. He's managed to find a potential favorite spot for barbeque and frozen custard(!) named Katie's Custard.

Waco has a great park along the river. Here are a couple shots from Kyle's first visit.


There is one person in our family that really hates shots or any kind of needles. This person was not available to take his daughter to the doctor today. Lillian had her four month old shots (a couple weeks late) today and did extremely well for the second time. She cries for a minute or two but quickly gets over it and forgives me for the pain I've just put her through. She has been a bit fussy today but we had a nice walk down to the river and sat in the sun for a bit and played. So we are surviving.

Kyle and Lillian on the Southworth/Fauntleroy Ferry on May 27.