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Daddy and his little girl

You can often find Lillian sitting on her Daddy's lap with a good book.

Photo Shoot #63

photos taken by Jim Gieser

Auntie Jul & Uncle Jim arrive

Jim and Jul are visiting for the week. We're hitting our usual spots for the Waco tour. Of course the main hit is available right here at 4024 Huaco except between the hours of 12 - 2pm and 7 - 7am.

We also had a short but fun visit with the Polaks after picking J/J up from the airport. Everyone's leaving the country it seems, Polaks off to Czech and J/J to South Africa. I think we'll stick with Texas for now.
Also, our camera is having difficulties so it may be awhile 'til we are able to put up more pics. Sorry.

Snug as a bug

Some of you know that our favorite daily event is checking in on Lillian right before we go to sleep. Maybe it's because we our first time parents but we really just can't help ourselves. Sometimes she wakes up from our noise entering or the light but often she stays cuddled up (with Duckie) fast asleep. At least a couple times a week we are also tempted to pick her up. We miss the days of her falling asleep in our arms. Last night Kyle tried to sneak a couple pictures but they didn't quite turn out. You'll just have to come visit and see for yourself. (J/J come tomorrow!)