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Three big kids

Lillian, 9 years old
54 in, 69 lbs She is breezing through the Harry Potter books, perhaps a little too fast. She's on Book 5 after only 6 weeks. Currently she working on a jump rope routine with her best friend to perform at the school talent show. 
Jack, 6 1/2 years old 48 in, 51 lbs He is soaking up kindergarten. He has gone from not knowing all his letters in August to now being able to read. And he has charmed his teacher and she wants to clone him. He is our runner, our early riser, and the adventure seeker. 
Wesley, 5 years old 42 in, 33 lbs He's adorable. Still loves to snuggle up, hug, be held, give hugs and kisses and just generally takes delight in being the youngest. He proudly and neatly writes his name. He is finally rivaling Jack as the master builder of Legos. 
(Note that they are perfectly 6 inches and 18 lbs different from each other.)