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An oldie

This photo was included in another birthday card I received and I just had to post it. Thanks Pete

Too cool

Thanks Jaja for my new shades!

Katie hits the big 3-1!

(Thanks to J and J for the card.)

Happy Valentine's Day

The many faces of our two-year-old.

As you may have guessed, these shots were taken after bath time with clean pajamas and freshly combed hair. Coincidentally, the pj's have hearts all over them so they are perfect for Valentine's Day.

It seems as though I need to apologize again for becoming so delinquent with the blogging. I think I've lost the urge. Lillian is still as cute as ever but we are picking up the cameras less often these days. You'll have to come visit in order to see the really golden ones during a slide show - with real slides (not digital).

We had a great Christmas break visiting tons of family and friends from here to Maryland. We are now back into the routine of life in Waco. Kyle is busy at school though finds time to cheer on the Baylor Bears (men's bball - although the women are even better). We've been to a couple games and are considering bringing Lillian sometime soon. Lilly and I still go every MWF to play with Elliott and Oli…