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Speech Therapy


Picnic in the park and CHIcargo

The kids and I just got back from a picnic of sorts at the park.  A little eating, a little playing and a little watching other kids play soccer.  There were about 5 different teams practicing.  One coach brought and set up a full size goal - that's a devoted soccer coach for you.  I think most of the teams were between 9 - 12 years old.  I think it'll be a couple years before we are doing this.  The weather is beautiful despite having to turn the a/c on yesterday.

The kids are mostly well.  I took Lillian to the Dr for her poison ivy that was continuing to spread.  While we were there Wesley got his follow up flu shot and a couple other vaccines.  They didn't seem to bother him at all - after the initial 10 second cry anyway.  Of course this always concerns Lillian more, "Am I going to get a shock Mom?"

Alright, bedtime for the boys.  Their dad seems to have left the state again so I guess it's my task. :)

Kyle is suppose to stop by our favorite Thai resta…

Let's go to the fair!

We finally made it to our county fair.  The fairgrounds are a quarter mile from our house so it's bit of a shame that this is the first year.  
Our first stop was the barnyard area.  We saw piglets, lots of them with their huge mom laying in the corner.  We petted a mini-donkey and looked at ducklings all squashed together.  Lillian and Jack went into the petting area while Wes and I watched.  I can't wait to do this again at the World Hunger FARM day in early November and then at the Homestead Heritage  Farm Day the day after Thanksgiving.  These animal strangely were from southern Oregon.  
The kids did decent watching the rodeo.  We managed to stay for  45 minutes and watched bareback riding, mutton bustin', and calf ropin'.  It was fun to watch.
Mostly we just walked around and saw the sights.  Lillian and I did go on the Ferris Wheel.  It surprised me how nervous I got - it is pretty high up there.  And my stomach twirled a bit from all the spinning.  Good thing I …

Hair troubles


Soaking up some sun rays

Kids are doing better but still working on getting to 100%.  No fevers though.  We just stocked up on books and movies! from our new local library for our long weekend w/o our #1 husband and dad.  He'll be at a conference at George Fox (Oregon) soaking up some rain and lots of church history knowledge.



Sunday weather

With a low of 47 degrees forecasted for tonight the kids are all in their fuzzy pajamas.  (But they don't look like this anymore.)

Pray for Jack and Wes who are both fighting sickness today.  Wes has a cold and it's gotten worse with drainage in his eyes (yuck!) and Jack was lethargic all day and hasn't eaten in 24 hours.  He had a fever but responded well to Tylenol.  I'm going to take them in tomorrow morning.

Although you never want your children to get sick Kyle and I both enjoyed the extra special snuggle time from Jack.  So sweet.  I have a feeling he'll be back to his normal self tomorrow.  Enjoy your snuggles while/when you can.