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Grimm Gathering

Kyle's mother's side of the family gathered for a Christmas celebration today down in Lancaster Ohio. Here's a shot of some of the family.

Baby Jack wins Grandpa Scott's heart

We'll try to get some more pictures posted soon, but this comical sequence will have to do for now. Sorry about the red eyes--no editing so far.

Safe Travel

Christmas eve has arrived and we've traveled through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia into Ohio where we are now until next week. We spent just over a week in NC with Hawkins extended family (including Miners) for the grand week of Rachel's wedding celebration. Despite the attack of the flu on almost all of us, we ended the week with a blast of a party that included square dancing and india food (yes, not the normal combination at a wedding reception). Thanks to Rachel and Craig for a great wedding!

These pictures were taken by Monica Barko, one of Rachel's bridesmaids. Thanks Monica.

Wedding/Christmas Trip 2008

We are off for Rachel and Craig's wedding in NC and then to Christmas in Ohio. We're traveling via minivan to allow for plenty of room now that we added another member to the family.

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Not to worry, only 2844 miles with an almost 3 year old and problem.

Family Photo

First family photo, not great but it'll have to do for now.

My Princess

Oh my, we have a princess in the family.