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Evening park visit


You gotta walk before you...

Wesley, who refuses to walk, loves climbing. Here are a few videos of his exploits in the play area at the mall. It's probably his favorite spot in the whole world.


Hill Country

When we saw pleasant temperatures in the long-range forecast last week, we decided to take a trip down to the Texas Hill Country. We visited several state parks and camped outside of Fredericksburg. Trying to get Wesley (who thought the tent was his playdome) and Jack (who was Jackish) to sleep was a bit of a challenge. In their defense, their normal evening routine involves a healthy amount of post-lights-out activity that doesn't get interrupted unless they get too loud. They, if they were more articulate, would probably argue that we were changing the rules on them and intruding upon their brotherly activities.

Nevertheless, it seems that Wesley might be a little too young for camping. Poor Jack was attacked by a squirrel at Inks Lake State Park. His feet were dangling from a picnic table bench, when a squirrel scratched (bit?) his bare feet. Fortunately, he was more scared than injured.

Among the highlights were: our ascent of Enchanted Rock (which Lillian climbed by her…

Skin update

Wes' skin is magically doing better as of sometime Sunday or Monday.  It's like night and day, we'd forgotten how nice and soft baby's skin really is.  He has an appointment at the Allergist on Friday.  If we'd gone last Friday I think they might have reported me to CPS, his skin was THAT bad.  They will most likely be sticking his back to find out what it may be.  The blood test from before Easter indicated that he did NOT have food or grass allergies.  I'll let you know what is determined Friday.  In the meantime, he is doing well.

On another note sweet sweet Jack has had a fever since yesterday morning.  I didn't really notice until lunch time when he didn't want to eat lunch!  I put him in bed at about 11:45 (he'd been yawning for the past hour or so).  He laid right down and was almost asleep by the time I came back with Wes.  When he woke he had a 102-103 temp and was very lethargic.  He doesn't seem to be complaining about anything in part…

Kite Festival

We had so much fun on Saturday at the Kite Festival with the Wallaces.  Caleb and Lillian loved running underneath (!) this huge kite.  The kids all got their own free kite.

It was a beautiful sunny day (giving us a good taste of our long summer ahead...!).  We had a little picnic in the shade, ran into a couple friends, took part in parachute races, came up empty-handed in a candy-drop, and had an all around great morning.

I think you can kinda see Caleb in one pic, his green shorts and that is Lillian in complete pink of course.  Then in the second one, Bethany is standing with the littler boys so they wouldn't get too close and knocked over.

After a much needed nap time for all we went out again to fly kites over at Baylor.  Kyle and I really got into it.  Once the kite was fully extended even Wes got a chance to hold on.

Let's go fly a kite.

(Bethany and I both forgot cameras so this is all you get, sorry!)

17 questions about mommy

A friend of mine posted this on her blog yesterday.  I thought it looked fun so I asked Lillian the same questions this morning.  Strangely they are very similar to Leah's answers for her mom.  Obviously #12 is my favorite answer, the rest of the answers....? How old is Mommy? 12What is mommy's favorite color? PinkWhat is mommy's job? Cleaning the kitchenWhat is mommy's favorite thing to do? Watch TVMommy's favorite place to go? Grocery storeWhat color are mommy's eyes? BlueWhat color is mommy's hair? BrownMy mommy loves to relax by... Sitting on the couchShe likes to wear... Dresses on SundaysShe loves to cook... eggs and toastHer favorite chore to do is... clean the laundryMommy always tells me... I love youIt makes mommy happy when I... make stuff with herWhen mommy shops she loves to buy... cookiesMommy's favorite food is... pastaMommy's favorite movie is... Beauty and the BeastWhat is Mommy the best at doing?  Folding laundry


Jack loves playing with his trains.