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TV Time

Jack learning the ways of the remote and ESPN.

Two Month Bathing Babes

Jack in the tub.
Lillian in the tub

Hospital Pics

For those of you that didn't get a chance to see the photos taken at the hospital.



Birthday Girl

Lillian turned 3 last Friday. Thanks for all the calls, cards, and packages she received. She's still on a high, in fact it's 10pm here and I don't think she's asleep (I put her down at 7:30).

Jack and Lil

You've been asking how Jack and Lillian are getting along.
Here's Lillian playing with her babies.

Here's Lillian letting Jack play with her babies.
Read here about Rebekah Miner, my cousin who is leaving tomorrow to work with orphans in Haiti.  We're excited for you Rebekah and we will be praying for you and those who you are working for/with.  

Grimm Family Photo #2

Here is my cousin Lindsay's alternative rendering of our family photo.


I've uploaded some/most of our December photos including various Jack shots, Hawkins family time in NC, Rachel and Craig's wedding, and Christmas in Columbus with the Welty's. Click here for the link.