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Have you ever?

Have you ever had just a notsogoodverybad day?  Well, the day on the whole was not quite that bad.  Although it started out rough with waking up to a sour throat, headache, and dizziness.  I managed fine at home the boys playing nice and not so nice.  I wish they would have played outside longer.  However it started to sprinkle a bit and some of you may not know but Texas kids are prone to dissolve with rain.  Everyone hides inside for sure.

But tonight, oh that was a bad one.  And it started off with one really bad decision.  To go INTO Chick-fila.  Never go into Chick-fila One-on-Three with no tethering or carrier device for at least one.  The kids held hands nicely through the parking lot and I opened the door for us to enter.  Whoa, where's Jack??  He was just here, how could he be gone?  Really, where was he? I found him around the corner at the other entrance.  After warning of getting back in the car if they didn't stay close once we entered, we went in to …



Hut, hut,...Hike!


After bath, before bed


Glorious weather

No time to write anything further, we are going out to play (and do laundry).

It doesn't get any better than this

(Click on here for more pictures.)
For Lillian, playing dress-up at Grammy's (a must-do) is the best thing ever.  We found out that the best dress-up clothes are at Grammy's house.  Lillian encouraged picture taking. 

What is this?

I know I know.  You want to know what's going on and why I always have to change the look.  It's fun and it's different.  Click on the post or picture to see the full post.  Click on the above left words to see alternative looks.  We'll just see how we like this for a bit.

Happy Monday

Lillian is off today.  We are staying around home, having a lazy morning (she slept til after 8), playing inside and out, meeting up at the park later, and remembering what it was like when she was here with us all the time.

No we did not get a dog.  Mango belongs to a friend of ours, he is quite cute but he won't be coming home with us anytime soon.  The boys love playing with him.

We were all excited to wear some warmer clothes to church yesterday.  However it was pouring as we were loading and unloading and Muffin Man decided to sit down on the front step stairs as he was waiting his turn.  We delivered him to the nursery with soaked through pants. The ladies were concentrating on his cuteness and didn't notice anyway.

Jack has been slowly progressing with getting out of diapers.  I am probably more to blame on why he is not completely potty-trained yet.  Here he is showing up his favorite pair of underwear.

Bullet Post

The weather has cooled down (high of 88, low of 55) but allergies are in full force.  Wes and Kyle both get them pretty badly.Lillian knows how to spell and read about 8 words now and practices on her own at home.Jack announces "train track" every time we see one and/or go over one.  He even seems to sense when a bridge is going over a train track, as opposed to a river or road.Kyle was away on the Men's retreat from church this past weekend, see below 'tranquility' pic.Wes is getting in a bunch of teeth right now and is also expressing himself better.  His latest is explaining to me first thing that his bopbop (pacifier) is on the floor by his crib.  His favorite words are still water and no (which can also mean yes).  Kyle and I are trying to make a concerted effort for veggie/fruit only meals for a short while.  I was unsuccessful at giving up coffee especially when the mornings got cool.Our neighbors with 8 aggressive dogs moved out officially.  We are very h…