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The Good News

The good news: as seen below in the pics.
The bad news: we'll save for another day.

Lillian jumping around a short trail in the Petrified Forest just after colliding with a chair and busting open her upper eyelid. (It's healing nicely and didn't need stitches. But only the first of many ouches to come.)
A view during a hike in Sedona area. We wouldn't mind if a close family member would want to move there so we can visit you...
And we made it to the Grand Canyon. Why Lillian was making a face, I don't know?
Lilly and I taking in the view. I was very nervous with her there. The fences are few and not sufficient. I think I wouldn't mind waiting until she's 15+ years old for the next visit.
Kyle at a stopping point on a hike down into the canyon with Kevin.
Sunset at Desert View, Grand Canyon.
Kevin at Sunrise. Uncle "Rorrville" was a huge help and fun to have along. He's now on a flight home and we'll continue on without him.

Our itinerary…

Last Day with the Boys

Lilly and I had our last day with Elliott and Oliver on Thurday. We are really going to miss them. Maybe when we visit for playdates next fall she'll be able to pronounce their names better. She has the whole summer to work on her sharing too. We'll see.

Lillian is Baptized

Here are a couple shots of the day. Mom and Dad Welty were down for the event as well as Uncle Kevin (Lillian's godfather also). She was a bit shy during the ceremony.


Cousin Phillip Visits

Here we are at the Mayborn. The rain prevented us from the usual Zoo visit. But maybe next Tuesday since they don't return home until Wednesday. We are having a great visit so far, just a taste of all the fun coming this summer. Don't worry Jaja and Grandpa, I'll try to put up a video soon.