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Today was suppose to be our annual parish picnic in the park, but we were forced to have the service and 'picnic' at church because of rain.  (We've gotten a lot of rain this spring.)

Rather than wait in the long line for food, we took some pictures in and around the church.  Here are some of them and a few from after lunch too.

Here are a few of Jack's sketches:

1. Penguin
2.  Lego block
3.  unknown

Mother's Day Weekend Festivities

That title exaggerates things a bit, but here are a few shots from this weekend.  I also have uploaded two videos to YouTube.  They can be viewed here and here.

After a hearty dinner at Dave's Burger Barn, we went out to play in the adjacent park.  
This last shot is from a few weeks back, but I think it is a good shot of Katie.

What a great mom!

Action shot: mothering her oldest child
Hopefully more posts will follow soon in an attempt to get caught up after months of neglect.