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Back in Waco

We are back in Waco and have been since last Wednesday night.  The weather was beautiful the past 4 - 5 days but it's suppose to drop dramatically tomorrow.  We had so much fun seeing everyone on our trip but it's really nice to be back.  I'm looking forward to getting into our slow and routine life.

Uncle Kevin is here and took Lillian and Jack to the park this morning so that I could get some much needed cleaning done around here.  Lillian has been on the trampoline as much as we will let her.  And she's been sleeping very well at night because of it.  

Here's a shot of her and I just before bedtime.

Columbus Public Library

Being the southern girl that I am and definitely not used to driving in the snow I was a little bit shocked yesterday when we kept our plans of visiting the downtown public library.  It was already snowing and although the roads were probably clear, the driveway wasn't.  I pretended that it didn't phase me and we all jumped in the van with Grammy.  The driveway proved to be no problem along with the rest of the trip there and back - although I opted for major roads only on the way home.  The trip was definitely worth it with the train display, dollhouse, great reading area and play area for the kids.  
Today was another story though and we stayed home this morning as the snow did not stop until sometime during the night.  It was beautiful out this morning with the sun shining bright but freezing cold.  Somehow Lillian was brave enough and fell down in the snow for the always important snow angel.  

Birthday Girl

We had a great week in College Park with cousins Gideon and Joel, Uncle Kelsey and Aunt Annie and Zuba Nation.  I'm not going to bother duplicating the great post that Annie put up so go HERE to see more pics of the week.  We surprised Grammy last night, she had no idea we were coming and thought we were still in Durham.  A bunch of Welty/Grimm family members found out of the plan this past week but we all managed to keep quiet.  Thanks especially to Grandpa for all his secretive planning - maybe we'll have to do it again some time.
Jack eating a donut hole.
 Asher and Wes taking a rest from not sharing for a look at the camera.
 Extremely cute Gemma posing with Great-grandparents.
Donut makers Jim and Lillian with prize items.

Fly to Jesus

We took Saturday to say good-bye to my Grandma Hawkins.  It was a very meaningful and special afternoon with family, some that I'd never met.  This is the song that was sung at the end of the service. 

Christmas Photos