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Texas Parks, Part II

As promised (see below), here are some more pictures from an excursion to a park. On Saturday we traveled to Colorado Bend State Park, which is a little over two hours from Waco. This time we went with our friends, David and Amanda (Mandy). You'll find them pictured above--they're both wearing Duke shirts. I'm not sure if they were aware of the loss to Clemson at that time. After a scenic drive, we enjoyed two short hikes in the park and a picnic lunch by the river.

The first hike (pictured in the first shot) took us along the Colorado and then up a little canyon. We only had time to make it up a short ways, so there remains more to explore should we return. Our second hike was longer. It began on a gravel road and then proceeded down a trail to Gorman Falls. It was pretty hot on the open and exposed road, but this verdant oasis (see pic. #2) just above the river was an ample reward.

Texas Parks, Part I

We finally made it out to a couple of state parks. On Friday we visited Meridian and Lake Whitney State Parks. We enjoyed a gentle but scenic hike around Lake Meridian, and Lillian and Kyle took advantage of the 90 degree heat by swimming in Lake Whitney. The water was too cold for one member of the family.

Hopefully we'll have more posts of this 'nature' in the near future.


Not as much snow as Ohio has been receiving un/fortunately.