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Saturday mornings

We've been garage sale-ing and visiting some thrift stores recently. We picked up the old Fisher Price barn and animals last week. Most of us probably remember playing with this. The barn doors still moo when opened.

At a thrift store this week I was busy looking for good finds when Lillian walks up to me holding this life-sized Elmo. She wouldn't let go the whole time, even tripping over him since he's so big. So, he came home with us and I quickly decided he should probably get dressed. I have a feeling she's going to be bored with him soon. In the meantime, they are sharing a bed.

Flip Flops

How do these things work anyway?



Lillian's recent fame


Visiting Africa

This is the closest we could get.
We miss you Rachel!
We miss you Julianna and Jim!

Browsing old pics

This is Kyle and I back in Spring of 2004 (I think). We owned the small motorcycle for about a year I think. It's not ideal with all the rain in Vancouver. We did go on one trip though about 45 min south to White Rock for a day at the beach. It was our fourth anniversary celebration. It was not the most comfortable ride but it's fun to remember.

A couple days later we had these people come to visit us. Fortunately the ones in bronze didn't need a place to stay.