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less than 48 hrs to go before our big trip. lots of cleaning and packing to do before then. kyle has painted the kitchen and it looks great. maybe once it is cleaned i'll take a photo.

see most of you soon.

6 months old

Posting a couple weeks late, his 6 month old photo. He weighs in at 15 lbs and 26 inches and is starting to sit up on his own.

Around Waco

We're enjoying Grammy & Grandpa's visit. They've been here since Friday. We've even been lucky enough to have mild, beautiful weather the last two days. Here are a few pictures demonstrating what we've been up to today. The pictures include a stop at Katie's Custard, the Baylor campus, the Dr Pepper Museum, Grandpa and Lillian dancing in Cameron Park, and breakfast at the new Collins Street Bakery.

Mother's Day, etc.

Here are a few photos from the last week or so.

We open with a Mother's Day shot of Jack and Katie. The other person holding Jack is his friend, Mandy. As you may have guessed from his sticker, the photo was taken at our garage sale.

The brother/sister shot of them standing upright is perhaps unsettling, but please note the strategically placed pillows.

In other news, I'm happy to report that I passed my prelim exams. There are no photos to document this.


I am (hopefully) done with my prelims. I wrote the last one on Monday, and I hope to hear from my professors later this week. I think I did all right, but you never know.

Now that the exams are behind me, I'm turning to all the tasks that I've neglected over the past month. And that includes posting some pictures from my trip to Montréal. I participated in a conference held in Montréal, and it gave me the opportunity to explore the city and visit my former roommate, Denis. I also got to meet his wife, Jamie. They were great hosts, and it was fun to spend time with Denis again and get to know Jamie. And I loved Montréal--it is a very beautiful city. It also helped that the weather was pleasant for most of my stay.

The first picture is of Jamie and Denis. Most of the other shots were taken in old Montréal. The final two pictures are of McGill University.