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Another good-bye

These are pictures from Friday.  Samuel spent the morning with us and we tried to show him all the things he will miss.

Backyard play

The kids went to the zoo on Saturday with Kyle and there was a festival going on.  Face painting was just one of the fun events going on.

Kyle and I showing off our mad juggling skillz.

And here are the boys before church on Sunday.

Goodbye to Aaryn and Brandon

Not quite yet, we still have Aaryn in Waco for another week and Brandon until exams are done.  But...last night they came for dinner and I can't believe it's really happening!!!  Four and a half years ago they came for Thanksgiving dinner here (with the Digglers and M/D Welty) and now they are off to Florida on a new adventure.   The kids loved the evening with them and each gave Aaryn and Brandon multiple hugs. 

Park play


Is it summer?

The calendar says no, the weather says yes. 

(Do the WA Hawkins have room for us this summer?)


Annual children's photo by the flowered cross.

Grammy brought the boys ties and vests each.  Very grown-up.  Even Kyle wore a tie to church today!

We forgot to take pictures at lunch.  The food was good and the company even better.  One last holiday together with Team Wallace. :(

Our walk before the evening rainstorm.

Running home, although it didn't end up raining for another 20 minutes.  I guess with the lightning it was good to get closer to home.

Too Much Noise

Lillian was in a musical last Tuesday night at school called Too Much Noise, an eastern european folktale.  All the kindergardeners and 1st graders participated.  Lillian was chosen for a speaking part, Narrator #21 with two lines.  She did very well.  It was packed with parents and I didn't see too much but fortunately Grammy and Kyle got some good videos and pics.  

Wesley is doing very well and is really showing off with his good health.  He's been very funny, sneaky, cute, talkative, hungry, and busy. 
We ended up being at Providence from Sunday to Wednesday and the diagnosis was pneumonia.