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Sunday night picnic at the park


Almost there

Most of you know that Kyle just finished writing his dissertation and sent it out (or rather hand delivered printed copies) to his readers on his defense committee.  The next step takes place October 25.  A couple hours of his afternoon will be spent defending in front of 4 or 5 professors.  Then he has 10 days (I think) to make final edits and revisions before submitting for printing.  December 15 he will receive his long awaited degree.

Last night we celebrated the end of this major step with a sit down (on the floor) meal at a vietnamese restaurant.  We splurged on chicken dumplings for an appetizer, curry clay pot with rice, cashew chicken with rice, and even a bubble tea for dessert.  The boys loved their "bubbles" (tapioca balls) but Lillian was weirded out by it (closer to my response).

Then we headed over to the Baylor basketball arena for Moonlight Madness with the Lady and Men Basketball teams.  Fortunately moonlight madness started at 8:30 and not midnight.
We ha…