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Cumberland Falls and Cumberland Gap: Wilmore to Durham

It was a long day, we left Wilmore at 7:15am and arrived in Durham just before 8:00pm.  But we had some very cool sights along the way and a different route to enjoy.  We have traveled I-40 too many times so it was nice to drive a new way.  It was so quiet too.  Unfortunately there were many windy roads involved and Jack was the victim, twice.

Good Bye Kentucky


Last Weekend in Wilmore

Grammy came down for another short visit yesterday.  She watched the kids while Kyle and I drove up to Lexington for an Indian lunch together.  Yummy.  Tonight we are going to finish pack and try to make it back to the pool once more.  Tomorrow we'll try to get a early start for our drive to Durham with a stop at Cumberland Falls.


We have been taken care of extremely well in these weeks away from a real kitchen and our usual routine of meals. Since we are guests of the Asbury Inn (though staying in Seminary housing behind the Inn) we are allowed breakfasts every morning.  Even though having the same thing every morning and maybe not your preferred choice isn't always very exciting it certainly makes life easier. Wes likes cereal and sausages. Jack likes hard boiled eggs or waffle and cereal. Lillian likes cereal often oatmeal and a bagel with jam. Kyle like a waffle with peanut butter and jam. I like a bagel and cream cheese. And we all have a yogurt usually. Unfortunately the coffee offered all day was not up to par so Kyle found a cheap maker on the Asbury listings and some mugs at a thrift shop. 
Monday and Thursday Kyle has meetings from 3-5:30 followed by dinner for all.  We are very grateful that they have included the whole family. There is a kids table, complete with crayons and different toys each n…

Wilmore week 2 and Weekend visitors

Jack and Lillian went to VBS at Wilmore Free Methodist church this week.  Jack said he was bored on Tuesday so after one more day of trying it out he stayed home with Wes and I the last days (I can't blame him since he didn't know a soul and I'm sure he didn't talk once in those three hours).  Thursday the boys and I went to the seminary family back porch VBS of sorts.  The boys chose soccer and baseball to participate in but it started pouring about 10:45 and we came home.  Wes definitely needs a tee-ball set though, he loved that.

Lillian finished VBS Friday at noon and then we waiting excitedly for Mandy and David to arrive.  They got in for a late lunch and stayed for about 24 hours.  We went to a park, had Friday night pizza together, went for walks around campus and then overlapped with M/D Welty for lunch Saturday.

Kentucky (June 1- 26)

So, here we are.  Spending 26 days in some beautiful country.  As soon as we drove into Kentucky we fell in love.  At least Kyle and I did.  The kids were either sleeping or had their eyes down at a movie.  It smells good, it feels good, and it's beautiful...everywhere!

Asbury has provided very nice housing for us: a 2 bedroom/bath with small kitchenette, and living dining area.  We have breakfast every morning at the Inn, about 100 yards away and dinner there twice a week.  There is a mini-park across the street.  The campus is very pretty and quiet.  I've heard one dog bark once - it's been gloriously quiet.  Oh, except for the train that goes by a lot, 10-15 times a day, but I think we are already use to that.  And I'll take train noises over dogs and birds any day.  I also realized that I've yet to see a mosquito, no fruit flies even though we had bananas sitting around for a week and only one house fly (and it was dead already?).

So you understand now what we…