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Our Novembers

I was just browsing our photos and saw this cute one of Lillian last November. So I continued going back to 2003 when we first bought the digital. We sure loved the beauty of Vancouver but you really can't compare with pics of your kid, especially one as cute as Lillian.






Christmas dress

Thanks to Uncle Kevin for a beautiful Christmas dress. It is a perfect fit. Here she is modeling.

What's better than shopping?

We spent our Friday (after Thanksgiving) at Homestead Heritage enjoying their Craft and Children's Fair. We enjoyed hot cider and fresh kettle corn on a cold day. We all took advantage of the petting area with young puppies and very cute goats. If only we could have brought one home with us. I hope to make this a Thanksgiving tradition and avoid the stores and malls.


Wow, here we are already spending our second Thanksgiving in Waco. Kyle's parents arrived Monday to spend the week with us and brought an early Christmas as well. Lillian was very happily surprised.


Lilly and I had a picnic outside today. 70 and sunny.

All Clean

Again, sorry for the delay in writing and posting pics. I've lost that initial excitement I had with blogging. We seem to be having a lot of fun these days. Lillian is talking more and enjoys making us laugh by making faces or dancing around. Some of that is evident in the video below. Lillian and the twins are learning a bit of sign language by watching these videos that are great. I'm learning lots too. Of course a lot of the signs she's learned, she can say as well. I really should have started it a year ago. We are currently working on please and thank you since she doesn't say these. Next is 'grandma' and 'grandpa' to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas visits.

We are looking forward to visiting with Kyle's parents next week and then seeing my family (those not in Africa) and even some friends as we'll be driving from Texas to NC and also spend a week in the DC area to see more family and friends. Speaking of the Africa-bas…

Tub Time