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Love me

I think we may have a lot of these type of photos (or at least moments). The third child gets no respect. This shot was taken after Kyle placed Wes on top of a pile of clothes (and no, they aren't clean!) in order to run back outside to man our other two crazy kids. I took the shot in case Wes needs proof of who loves him more - me of course. (This is also in contrast to the photo of Asher some of you saw.)
The other two pictures were taken last week to show off his head control - though it didn't last long. Kyle and I think that he is visibly growing every feeding. Monday he has an appointment so we'll have numbers then.

I'd rather take your picture

than prevent you from falling over. Such a cutie!

Outside play


Wesley's newborn photos


New Nephew

In case you haven't heard or seen news of my sister Rachel and husband Craig's firstborn...
Asher Allen Frey
February 28, 2010


Recently we've been a little busy but still out having fun and trying to remember to take pictures. Here are a few from around home and downtown at the Suspension Bridge.

Sorry none of Wes, next time.


Here's our cutie sporting a new cut.

Don't be scared, he wasn't

Here are our pictures from the zoo Thursday afternoon. We had great weather and Kyle even joined us since Spring Break started yesterday.

What you really want

Enough of those unnecessary birthday photos.
Gimme some of the cute 1 month old!

Katie Joy, c. 2003

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My Blue-eyed Boy

Feb 23rd
Feb 28th
March 1st


One of Jack's favorite things to do is pulling any and all reachable items out of their position in the kitchen and onto the floor. It makes for quite a treacherous work environment. Who will build a kitchen with all drawers and cabinets above the reach of a toddler?