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Fall back

Out enjoying the sun today on a perfect October day. Everyone have a great weekend.


It's Raining, It's Pouring

We've been stuck inside all day because it's absolutely pouring outside. It's great, just what we needed. However since we left the rain cover to the stroller in Vancouver we will stay put like we most people do when it rains.

I suppose it's a perfect day for scrapping the wallpaper in the kitchen but...I'd rather read with a cup of tea during her nap, or make dinner, or clean up, or write a letter, or organize bills, or anything!!. :)

Thanks Ruthie for the beautiful sweater, she's able to wear it now that the weather has cooled off.

It's fall in Texas

High of 77 today but we woke up to temperatures in the 30's which is probably what most of you are dealing with. Kyle is really excited about this new weather after dealing with 90+ for so long. So we really are liking Waco.

Well it's been awhile since I've updated, sorry for that. I've actually been enjoying my time away from the computer and have managed to start and finish a couple books. Of course if I endeavor to take Kyle up on his offer to read a book from his list of current ones for school I may not be able to finish in a day or two as I like to do.

We had a great but short visit with Mom W this past weekend. She had fun waking up with Lillian in the morning and I had fun sleeping in. For whatever reason our camera has been sitting in the same spot these days so I decided to take a couple pics today of her with her new friend Elmo (that traveled all the way from Ohio) and with me. Elmo was singing and dancing during this shot, and so was Lillian!

October Shoulder Ride

Next time you talk to Kyle, ask him about his exciting news.

Study Break

We all took a visit to the Waco Cultural Arts Festival a couple Saturdays ago. We also have been heading to the Baylor pool either on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to make sure we get in some family time.


Hey Jake

Hi Lillian

8 and a half

8 and a half months old
8 and a half weeks old