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Catching up -- Baylor Football

Here are a few shots from a few months back.  Uncle Orrville timed his visit so he could catch a Baylor football game.  Although just Kyle and Orrville went to the game, we all made it out to greet the team that morning (and get a free breakfast).  I've also included some shots from the Bears' victory over Oklahoma State.

Fort Worth and Dallas

Thanks to a generous gift from Uncle Orrville, we went up to Dallas for a couple of days.  Wesley's hospital stay forced us to reconfigure our plans, but everything turned out quite well.  We went to see the 'cattle drive' at the Fort Worth stockyards and then to the Fort Worth water garden.  The water garden was a hit with all five of us, although Katie was a little nervous during our descent to the bottom.  (Maybe we can get some video up later.)  Other highlights included: an Indian lunch and shopping at Trader Joe's.

Christmas Pics

As most of  you probably know, Wesley was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve and spent four nights there.  He's doing well now.  This meant that Christmas was a bit unusual.  Here are a few pictures from the hospital and some of our festivities. 

Graduation Weekend

Graduation was on December 15th, and Grammy, Grandpa, Chad, & The Wrangler joined us.  We had a good time with all the visitors.  Here are a variety of pictures from the weekend and later in G/G's stay.