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The Birthday Girl

To commemorate Katie's big day, here are a few shots of her from earlier in the decade.

We tried

Put the description together with the photo:

This is what southerners look like when we go out in the snow.

This is what a snowman looks like when Lillian and I tried to make one.

This is what Jack looks like when after falling off the slide, his mother sits him down in the snow for the sake of a photo.


It does snow in Texas. I should have another by the end of the day.

Highs and Lows

We had a beautiful day here on Sunday. We skipped church since Lillian and Jack are still recovering from colds but we were able to get out to enjoy the sun and warm temperatures. High of 77! I walked with the kids in the morning and then we met Kyle at school after nap for a walk and ride around campus. Lillian brought her bike and rode and sang most of the way. Tomorrow we are expecting highs in the mid 30s with some snow flurries. We'll see how much. It won't stay around long since it'll be sunny and almost 50 on Wednesday.

Please Pray for Leah

See their blog for further details on sweet 2 year old Leah. We've just gotten to know the Parker family this past school year and have had a lot of fun with them. It's hard to understand what this family is going through right now but as always, prayer is the best action.

Wes's second week

Here are a few pictures of Wes and his family. The picture of him yawning was taken this afternoon (Monday).

Oops, 7 lbs, 13.5 oz (not 14)
Typically photo after eye goo application.
Hanging out under the lights.
First Grammy and grandson photo.
Jack says "What? What's going on?"
One of many times Lillian got to and will help take care of little little brother.
Day 2 at home.

Mommy and me before my first night sleeping at home.

Wesley Everett Welty

We're excited to announce that we have another healthy baby boy. He was born at 5:41 a.m., and he weighed 7 lb 14 oz. And he was 19.5 inches. Lillian says that "he's so cute!"

Jack is not sure what all this means, but he did poke the baby in the eye as a welcoming gesture.

Katie and baby are due to be discharged tomorrow morning. Both are doing quite well.


This girl got some major energy out during a short walk today. She ran and ran and then ran some more. Then when she was ready for a ride I suggested to run, skip or somersault the last block home. She like the idea of somersaulting and preceded to do it the whole block, skipping over the driveways when necessary. She probably somersaulted at least 40 or 50 times. Grammy was able to document a little with her phone video. She arrived home with a smile on her face and some leaves in her hair.

Here is she is climbing at the park around the corner from the Zuba's place this summer. Her somersaulting has improved a lot over the past months.