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OR Coast

As the Oregon coast boasts some of our favorite spots, we were excited to travel up the coast again. We enjoyed a beautiful night and pleasant morning on the southern coast before the rain came. Unfortunately the weather forced us to alter our plans and truncate our itinerary. Sadly, we headed east to catch I-5 south of Tillamook. Oh well. Thanks to Hannah's excellent grocery shopping skills, we're making up for that most evenings in Port Orchard.


Upon departing Walnut Creek, we traveled through some of California's wine country. Although it was quite pretty, we kept moving in order to save a little time for the Redwoods in northern CA. After an unsuccessful attempt to find a particular stand of trees, we enjoyed a short walk through an impressive grove.

Walnut Creek

One of the last stops on our trip northwest was in Walnut Creek, CA. We had a good visit with our friends Layne, Anne, Noel, Tyson, and Molly. It was fun to see them in their element there. After our visit we pushed north through the CA Redwoods and on to the OR coast.

Look at Me



(May 18-20)

We had a great visit in Malibu with the Newman Family. We spent time at the beach hiking around and playing in the sand. Some even braved the cold water and big waves.