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Happy Birthday!

Visit to Chilliwack, BC farm and Mark and Heather.
Summer 2005?

Joy's Noodle, Chicago - favorite restaurant
January 2005

Home to Durham for Christmas
Hat from Ecuador
December 2004

Office at VGH, Vancouver
Fall 2004?

Traveling with Mom/Dad Welty
Borrowing Mom's eye appt sunglasses
Summer 2003?

As readers of this blog likely know, today is Katie's birthday. We can't disclose her exact age, but she was born in the 1970s...

Lillian, Jack, & Kyle wish her a very happy birthday, and we want her to know how much we love her. Feel free to leave the birthday girl a comment.

Here I come


Messy & Beautiful

I decided to take a couple shots of Lillian after our outside lunch today. I want to encourage everyone to know they are allowed to post not-perfect shots of their kids. Here Lillian is - running nose wiped across her face, dirty hands and feet somehow, dirty face due to sticking to her wet cheeks, messy hair - this is the same rubber-band that was put in 4-5 days ago (and yes, that includes church on Sunday).

During the writing of this and posting pics, Lillian decided to put some of my never used lipstick on. I think I should go before it gets worse. And it's nap-time.

R/C Wedding

Here's a great shot of the bride and bride's maids.
December 20, 2008


Usually I swaddle Jack up nice and tight in 3 different blankets to keep him from getting free.
He fell asleep for his afternoon nap before I could get to him today.

***He's swaddled up now. He'll nap much longer this way.

He's getting SO big!


"All butter Mom"

Lillian is feeling a lot better today. Thanks for your prayers.
Lillian's not feeling so great today. Yesterday we ended up heading to the ER by suggestion of our dr office since it was 5pm and she had a 104 fever. So after 3 and a half hours it was determined that she did not have pneumonia or the flu. An ear infection was probably the cause of the fever. Of course things got a little bit messier later in the night when her fever went higher. But I'll leave the details out. She's doing well now, the hard part is getting her to take her medicines - 2 of them 3x a day.

Here's a pic of us at the basketball game on Saturday. It was a lot more fun than this pic let's on.

Jack's turn for a Photo Shoot


Lunch Time

Katie: "What would you like for lunch Lillian? How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"
I was thinking something quick and easy since we heard her before 6am. Jack had woken up and she'd found his mobile music and wound it up for him. After I went and got him, I still heard her playing. Crazy kid. So it was already past 1pm and she needed to get to sleep.

Lillian: "Umm...I'll just have some mac n' cheese." As she puts her hand palm up.

Oh, of course let me whip some up for you my darling.

So tricky

In reference to my below post, how were we to know this one would turn out so tricky?
I'll try to post some new ones of Jack soon. He's starting to smile and chuckle a little bit these days - it's so much fun. We definitely need some photo shoots to at least try to catch up to Lillian (sorry #2 baby).

Nail Polish

So I just had to share this with everyone because it really shows what a crazy 3 year old I'm dealing with these days (and very lovable too). About a month ago when we were continuing to struggle with potty training, I tried to show her what a treat it would be to get her nails painted and showed her by painting a fingernail. However, she was not in the slightest bit interested in sitting on the potty, no matter the treat.

Then today a prospective student that is staying with us this weekend needed to borrow some nail polish to stop a run. So I got it out and then I didn't put it away. Lillian decided she was interested after all.

At some point she grabbed it and put it in one of her many (did I say many) purses. Unfortunately she has mastered unscrewing whatever - in this case, nail polish. So later I was greeted with the horrible smell and found her checking it out. Later, she managed to sneak it in her purse for our errands this morning. When we got back I had to t…

U and Urs

We had a fun day yesterday with a trip to Dallas for some errands and to visit the Dallas Zoo. It was a beautiful day. We're experiencing mid-70's today and Lillian has red cheeks from playing outside in the sun. She's getting much better at playing by herself these days. It's fun to listen to her talk to her babies - usually in a constant whisper or song. Lillian likes to leave the "Y" off 'you' and 'yours', I'm not sure why. But it usually takes me a minute or two to figure out what she's saying. I also really like her version of school bus - 'skoobus'.