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Lillian thanks Uncle Kevin

Jack and Mr. Slow

Can you believe this kid is still not walking on his own? Here he is a the Jumping Party (one of the birthday week adventures) walking around with the little man that tries to keep kids from running around the place. Thanks to Mom W for posting this on YouTube.

*Warning* Flashback in process*

As I'm laying here on bed rest, I can't stop thinking about having a newborn a my arms. But alas, I'm still at home waiting for this baby to decide to come. My Tuesday appointment showed an elevated blood pressure (same occurred with the other two) and so I spent 2.5 hours at the hospital for monitoring and lab tests. With normal results I was sent home (thank you thank you) on bed rest. This means little to no movement around. Grammy is most affected by this and she's doing an amazing job with Lillian and Jack - in fact, she's doing everything, including taking care of me and the household chores. Wow!
The good news is that I've moved on from 2cm (16 days ago) to 4cm. So really, it's up to the babe to realize what a great family and world awaits him on this side :) It could be he/she is waiting for Kyle and I to decide on a good name - suggestions anyone?

Here are the first pics of my Lillian May and Jack Robert:
Jack joined our family at 10:24…

New Hair Cut


Sitting back

I'm taking a rest from blogging for awhile (may turn into a couple months). Kyle is responsible now for keeping you up to date on our cute and growing children.