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Early morning play.

"Mom, I know could put some buffaloes on my hot chocolate."

Any guesses what she means?

The dormer

Here are a few shots of the dormer's exterior taken on our last day of work. At that point there were only a few a few pieces of trim that needed to be installed.

I've also included a bonus picture of Kelsey and Gideon by the shed.

Jack's Update

We finally made it to the doctor last week for Jack's 9 month checkup and to see if we could get rid of his coughing/wheezing. The good news is that he's now 17lbs 6oz and 30 in. This puts him in the 6th percentile for weight and 92th percentile for height. The doctor kept theorizing that his daddy must have been tall and skinny at age 15 - 16. Despite being skinny, he's eating a ton and won't stop until you take him away from the table. The other news is that he may have asthma (but I really doubt it) so he's taking some allergy meds and doing breathing treatments with the nebulizer. We just started today and I'm hopeful he won't need them for long.

He's so much fun right now. Still content to sit and play, scooting backwards or around. He likes to scrunch up and his face and nose when's he's pleased. I need to take some more current pictures and post, soon. This one is from July.

Benefits of a web cam

Lillian and I had a little fun in front of the computer so I thought I'd share. These are especially for Rachel who always hated when I made faces in the mirror. Love ya sister!

'The Project'

As many of you know, we journeyed to College Park so that I could help my brother, Kelsey, add a shed dormer to their house. We warmed up with a 12'x 12' shed. For me, it was a nice change of pace. We didn't get quite as far as we'd hoped, but we left College Park with the exterior more-or-less finished. I'll have to secure additional photos to document this.

Life in College Park

Here are a few pictures from our first weeks in College Park. We had a great time with everyone, even though the younger crowd made certain there was always a degree of chaos at all times.

In these shots we have:
Lillian and J.T. celebrating their independence
Height competition: Radu won (and he looks to have a better tan too)
Radu at work on a stroller enhancement
Jack, aka "Little Goose," feeding
An evening in Annapolis

Winding down

Here are a few of Orrville's pictures:

me roofing
Washington Monument
Lillian on the DC Metro
L & J riding in the van

Ohio visit

Here are a couple pictures from our brief visit in Ohio. Thursday we went down to Lancaster to see Grandma and Grandpa Grimm - and Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Debbie. Grandpa kept trying to call Jack a different name. He preferred Robert Jack or J Robert or just Bobby. I wonder why.

Friday we went to Jeff and Becky's place and had a dip in the pool. And then dinner with Steve and Lori and Amy at a mexican restaurant. Saturday was our rest day before the big trip but still manage to go out for lunch at a new local sushi place called Edemame and a Target stop.

Lillian managed to get some time in at the church playground.

23 hours to go

Thursday morning Lillian, Jack, my mom and I leave Durham for Waco. We plan to take 3 days to make it more manageable and have time to see some family along the way. We are all so ready to arrive back home and have missed Huaco Lane too much - and of course, all our friends in Waco!