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Whirlwind of a week

Mom W arrived a week ago Thursday, visited Dallas for a day and then she and Kyle came home to Waco on Friday. We've been staying at a friend's house while Kyle and I have been hard at work demo-ing and reno-ing our two bathrooms. Mom has been spending a lot of time with Jack and Lillian and trying not to go stir crazy since the temperatures have not been very conducive for walks and parks. We have two days left of work time left and many more hours of work. Tuesday morning is our departure for Ohio.

The good news is that we are close. The bad news is that we aren't there yet and will have to leave some things unfinished. Pictures soon?

Happy Anniversary

The first two photos of the couple, December 1999.

Our wedding day, June 17, 2001.


There was more to our weekend than the trip we made to the e.r. (Lillian had a bad fall in the apartment, cut her chin, and that required stitches). These pictures were taken prior to her fall, but you can see that she still enjoys posing.

We miss Kyle a lot and appreciate him in new ways.

Bumbo baths and buzzes


Oh my babes

Here are a couple of pictures taken before an early bedtime tonight. I've been enforcing a lot of early bedtimes recently:)

Lillian is taking swim lessons this week and is doing wonderful. The first day she was a bit nervous as we walked into the big competition pool. "Mommy I don't know how to swim."

We been hitting the YMCA twice a day for morning swim lessons and lunch (free lunches thanks to and then again for picnic dinner and a swim in the outdoor pool. Jack is a serious handful in the pool even with the floatee swimsuit on. He's learning to balance enough to float and paddle just a tiny bit. But if he gets off balance and goes under he always comes up smiling (and spitting).

Oh how I love my babies.

The weeks w/o Kyle have been manageable but I picked up Tired of Yelling at the bookstore this past weekend. Hopefully I can find some helpful hints for those unmanageable times. I'm sure they are going to be ready for gentle Gramm…

Slobber slobber

Back at ya Asher.