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School starts

And we are off. Real life has resumed and summer playtime is over. So sad but so excited for another great year for Lillian.

Kyle had to teach at 8:00 this morning so he couldn't come on the drop off this morning. I was in charge of the picture taking which is always a little bit dangerous. I got the shots but forgot to get a hug and kiss. :(

The boys and I had a meeting this morning for our new adventure this fall. I will be teaching at a local mothers day out program and the boys will get to go too. It is Tuesday/Thursday from 9-2:30. Jack is very excited about starting his own school next week. I'll post pictures next week of their first days.

The baby

This guy has been pretty fussy since being home but he has also had some very sweet moments.

Yesterday he was not excited about being dropped off in the nursery especially since Jack no longer joins him. But then when it was time to leave I asked him to say goodbye and thank you and instead he ran over and gave each of the ladies a big hug.

As you know, we often refer to him as Muffin Man and of course this name calling multiplies significantly now that we are around Kyle again. He is so used to it and seems to really like it. So he can't help himself when asking for a muffin, he always follows it with "man."
"Can I have a muffin man mommy?"

And my favorite are how he loves carrying around his bouncy balls but can't seem to help calling it "my bouncy house."
"Mommy, I can't find my bouncy house."

TCB in Bloomington

4.5 cousins, 2 aunties 1 splash pad 3 parks 1 amazing library visit 2 homes to sleep in 40 cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds at the rescue shelter who we held or said hi to 1 visit with a high school friend of Kyle's! 1 day at the lake 8 slices of pizza at Mama Bear's 2 uncles working on dissertations far away 4 picnics 6 cobs of corn shucked outside and a whole lot of fun!
We loved visiting you Giesers!

Second Week in Lancaster

We finished up our time in Lancaster with one last day of the Lancaster Festival, more visits from Uncle Kevin, an awesome train ride with the whole family, a day trip to Slate Run and Columbus, cookout with the extended family, evening walks, one more trip to the park, and a Grimm sister's brunch (that included Lillian and I!).  

Water fun

A little afternoon fun with water soakers and cousins. James (in blue swimsuit) is Kyle's cousin's son and Aden (red hair) is Kyle's youngest cousin, age 8. Three other cousins and two aunts were also there and some of us got a little more wet than we'd hoped. That's what happens when you arm a 3 year old. (thanks to Debbie for all the pics)