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I don't understand Mom...

...where did he go?



She Speaks!

lillian MAY

Photos of Lillian MAY in the month of May.

Learning to use the Booger Sucker

The good news is that I'm already feeling a ton better after Monday's surgery. The bad news is that Lillian got a pretty bad cold on Monday and it's only gotten worse since then. It's so sad to hear her cough and try to breathe with a stuffy nose. Plus she's gone hoarse so her cries are quite pitiful. But I've called the BabyHotline, consulted a nurse, and surfed the web to be sure she didn't need to be rushed to the hospital. Although she's not sleeping very well and sounds quite horrible most of the time she still manages to give her mom and dad a smile to let us know she's okay. So we're cuddling her a bit more and feeding her more (pushing those fluids) and hopefully it won't last too long.

On another note, we went down to the US Consulate last week to put in the paperwork for her US citizenship. We had a nice visit with Uncle Kevin as well.

Duncan and Victoria Visit


April Photos


Lillian and her friends!

Lillian and Jake (a little close for this age, don't ya think!)

Oliver Durbois (Matt and Laurie's) born April 20

Cousin Gideon at 3 months (Kelsey and Annie Welty)

Dads with the babes (Mike/Jake and Kyle/Lillian)

Hanging out

As newborns

Playtime with Jake, Lillian, and Clay

Jake is a stud!

Tummy time for Clay

What's going on?