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Cutest Pumpkins

Thanks to Uncle Kevin for the tshirt for Jack. And thanks to Lillian, Kyle and David for the great carved pumpkins.

Everyday Entertainment Fall 2009

High school Buddies

Andrew, Sherry and Mark were here this past week visiting from Columbus. We had tons of fun together and are sad to see them go. They arrived late Thursday night. Friday they walked around campus, went to the zoo and then our local favorite Mexican restaurant. Saturday started early with the Homecoming parade downtown catching lots of candy and seeing a bit of everything including horses, bears, floats, pretty girls in sports cars, 4x4 jeeps climbing on top of each other, and reversible cars. The boys then went to the football game and Sherry and I and the kids heading to a birthday party at Waco Lion's park (a couple blocks from our house). We all (!) enjoyed mini-rides and of course the famous train ride that Lillian's been on with Grandpa and Grammy. Saturday night we had Rudy's bbq and played bocce at Cameron Park. Sunday after church and a nap the boys played some basketball at the gym while we took a walk around campus on the Bear trail. We had a great weeke…

My cute kids

Since I haven't put pictures up in forever I spent a little time this morning working on it. We just said good-bye to our Ohio friends who had been in our area for almost a week. Then I had my 26th week check-up - everything looks fine. Now we're home having a quiet morning while the rain dumps another couple inches on us.


Lillian's currently favorite word is "actually." If you are careful throughout your day you may notice that you too have a favorite word. I'm guessing she picked this one up from me, actually. Somehow she can make it fit with 75% of what she says.

Lillian and I had appointments on Monday and she now weighs 34.6 lbs and is 41 inches tall!! If she would just stop moving around so much she might be able to gain some more weight. I'm noticing a lot of her fall/winter clothes from last year fit width wise but are just way too short.

Jack is crawling and climbing and getting into everything and then leaving a great mess behind him. He takes a great nap morning and afternoon. He eats almost everything we do even though he is without teeth, still. Though last night I think I may have glimpsed a sign of one tooth coming in on the bottom. We had an appointment for him two weeks ago and he was up to 18 lbs 13 oz which means he gained 1.5 lbs in just over a month.…

Mrs. Welty

Yes, that's me. I think this may be the first time I've been called Mrs. Welty - at least that I'm caring to remember. Lillian, Jack and I just went to visit Kyle as he was in between teaching his class and the review session. We took his students some snacks so they could make it the extra hour until dinner. Jack was in a really good mood and smiling around at everyone - probably wondering why he doesn't get this much attention daily. And then Lillian, well she was not Lillian but she was. She just stood there, wouldn't look at anyone, wouldn't say a word, and hardly smiled. But I left her there during the review session. She brought her backpack with some books to keep her occupied while Kyle teaches. We'll see if the report differs with a little bit more time to warm up.

We've had a really nice taste of fall here. It's been in the 60s and low 70s - 65 in the house - just perfect except for the constant rain. But today, well the sun de…
A little Saturday morning fun for Jack and I while Lillian and Kyle were at Home Depot. This pic of Kyle might not be up for very long if he sees it soon so you might want to download. He must have done this at "work" one day. :)

Okay Fine

It's official and I'm letting the news out for real. The third Munchkin is due to arrive on or before February 6, 2010!

The ultrasound pics didn't come out great but I'll try to scan tomorrow for those interested.

These two are Trouble

Although I'm forever grateful that they have such fun together, it makes things difficult when it's past 10:30pm and they are still awake playing. I have a feeling we will be working on good bedtime routines for a long time.

In similar news, Lillian still has the energy to sing, dance, jump for hours on end. I'm not kidding, it can easily add up to 3 plus hours a day. She does take an afternoon nap which then gives her more fuel for the late afternoon and evening - but really I don't think she can go without her nap - I don't think I could bear it. She seems to have my napping/sleeping abilities. Jack on the other hand enjoys the early mornings but it's not so bad since he wakes up smiley. I'll try to get around to some good pics sooner than later.