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How long does it take to become a Texan?

Beach Movie

Well, this is a short view of Lillian at the beach. I was quite surprised how brave she was. She would crawl around and sometimes go on her tummy in the shallow water. A couple times she went under and came up with a surprised look on her face. I wanted to take better shots but I was too afraid of sand getting in the camera (since this has happened to us before). Also, I did take two swimsuits with us but due to the amount of sand that collects, I kept changing her. So a spiderman diaper was it at the moment.

Sun and sand

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Duke pool with grandparents

We had a great 8 day visit in Durham. Lots of visits to the pool and one to the beach. It was good to see friends and spend lots of time with Mom and Dad and Grandma. Lillian is talking up a storm these days. I'll try to put a video on soon.

Visit to Durham

Oh you're so funny Grandma. No, you're so funny.

Laugh a little

Some of you may have seen another video that I had posted for a day or two. Kyle was strongly opposed to having some random baby instead of our beautiful daughter on the site. So...we recently recorded this and hopefully it will bring a smile to your face, or maybe even a chuckle.

San Antonio Missions

They were very picturesque. I think they look a lot like the early churches in the middle east.

San Antonio

We had a brief visit to San Antonio last December but it was definitely worth visiting again. Accompanied by Mom/Dad Welty, we made it to all the Mission sites, part of the National Park Service (click for more details). We also visited Market Square (the Mexican area of town - and enjoyed some delicious Mexican pastries), the Alamo and walked on the Riverwalk. Here are a couple of shots from the three-day trip.Although Lillian did rarely well considering all the walking and the heat, probably one of her favorite activities was jumping on the big hotel bed. This is her first thing in the morning.
This shot is taken in the garden area behind the Alamo site. Kyle really likes cacti, I guess.
Lillian with her grandparents standing along La Villita on the Riverwalk.

Share Bear

These are actually different bears but from the same Uncle Pete.
Phillip (days ago) and Lillian (Aug 2006).

Here's to keeping cool

So no one has offered to put in a pool for the backyard, yet. After working outside the other morning for a bit Lillian and I were both dripping. We found a nice way for her to cool off. She just barely fits in the bucket when sitting. Well, she was content, I suppose that's good enough.