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Fun in the backyard

Lillian is getting better at catching, especially when she's paying attention.

Who's this you say?

Lillian's first haircut, March 28, 2009.


Some benefits of having two kids:Jack's crying sends her to sleep; Lillian's screaming sends him to sleep (currently in progress). However, Jack's crying wakes her up; Lillian's screaming wakes him up.Lillian is a big help in entertaining Jack: dancing, singing, making him laugh, even reading a book to him.Lillian realizes Mama has other duties besides maintaining her busyness and happiness.You always have something to do or in my case, to avoid doing. Cleaning, singing, feeding, cooking, walking, playing, driving, bouncing, reading, playing, feeding, cleaning, reminding, disciplining, cleaning, chasing, playing, reading, singing, sleeping...It takes twice as long to get ready which you always forget and therefore become known as the perpetually late person - especially by your husband. If only he would learn how to fix L's hair, things would move along faster.You spend a lot of time remembering what it was like with just one, or none.I'll think of more and …

Whatchoo Said?

"whatchoo said?" is one of the most heard phases from lillian currently.

sunday, she found a small round object that resembled to her a stethoscope, so she came to kyle and i asking to listen to our hearts. then she followed up with "any questions?" we'd just visited the dr. two days prior. she's surprising us with her memory.

here's the video from rach/craig wedding of phillip and lillian dancing, sort of.

Jack's first taste of food

Swim swim

I hope it's okay to post this. We'll try to remember to remove before he turns 15.
He's talking up a storm these days.

Must Read

I saw this on a friend's facebook page. I thought all you SAHM would appreciate this.

Go Baylor Bears!

We decided not to go to Houston this weekend but we managed to fill the day up anyway.
We headed out to the zoo first thing this morning. Today the gibbons were in a good mood, swinging around on our way in and singing on our way out. We also saw over a hundred buzzards (ugh!) that were not necessarily part of the zoo. I guess it was the place to be.
Kyle and Lillian just got back from the Baylor men's game (don't ask the outcome). It was fun for them to get out just the two of them.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Bug relief

Last week Lillian decided to play next to an fire ant hill when we were outside doing the laundry. Before I could stop her they had called on to her hand and feet. I sat her in a cool bath to relieve some of the pain. However, 30 minutes later each bite (all 15 of them) was the size of a quarter and they have yet to heal completely. So we were outside again today and she ended up in the same spot - my fault for not giving her a teaching lesson last week and then for not preventing it today. But she had about 4 bites from one ant and it was obviously giving her pain. Tuesday David & Mandy had given her the Burt Bees Bug Relief so we tried it out today. I am pleased to say - an hour later - that the bites are gone. Yeah! Thanks D & M - and I strongly recommend this esp. for those living in Texas with around-the-year bugs - mosquitos and fire ants.

PS. Burt Bees is made in Durham!

It's Free

Some of you know that I've found a new passion. So I thought posting on the blog would be a great way to share with all of you. I'll update the sidebar "It's Free" with new info every week or so. Hope you enjoy.

"Cheap is good, free is better."

For some reason Kyle and I were talking about Africa before falling asleep the other night. He commented that I'm the only one in the Hawkins family that has yet to visit Africa. So I thought I would let all of you out there know that I'm willing to go. Jul and Jim are there now so might as well try to go now. If any of you would like contribute to this idea, please feel free. Keep in mind I would probably need to take Kyle, Lillian and Jack - and would want to of course.
Just a thought...