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Big Day

Happy 11th Anniversary!

Happy Father's Day!

Friday night out

Friday we ventured out as a family past 7:00.  Usually during the school year we put the kids in bed at 7:00 (which works for Lillian and Wes, but not Jack) but now that summer has arrived Kyle and I realized that we need to push back their bedtime.  And it's summer right?  So let's have some fun!

We went to the summer concert series in downtown Waco.  It's a free series the first Friday on the spring/summer months.  We have never been before.  Not on a date, not when we just had one, not ever.  So we finally did it, took the double stroller in case the kids were close to falling asleep, took some blankets and water.  And it was perfect.  It was a cool night in Waco, no fighting bugs and 90 plus temps. The kids ran around, did some free stuff.  We hung out with friends, listened to some cool music, and enjoyed the small crowd all doing the same thing.  It was fun and despite getting home after 10 the kids did great.  And they even slept in!

Keeping it real

I'm way behind on posts, photos, news.  But now isn't the time, still.  Here's Wes chillin' in the early morning.

In other news, very exciting news.  My brother Matt and his wife Hannah welcomed their fourth child on late Tuesday night, their 1st daughter!

Adella Kathleen Hawkins 8 pounds 3 oz., 20 1/4 inches long Adella is a family name 5 generations back on Matthew's side Kathleen is my Grandma's middle name, Matt's sister's name, and Adella's godmother's name!