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We have arrived!!!


Current Moving Thoughts

As you can probably tell by the newly posted material, I have a little time at the computer presently. Actually we had an exhausting day and I tried to go to sleep at 8pm but it ended up only being an hour. Since Kyle is off playing basketball one last time with Mike, I thought I would try to get the holiday pics posted before any more time went by.

We were up early in order to finish packing and prepare for the truck drop off. It came around 10:30 and friends were here soon afterwards. We didn't finish until about 2:30 but that's with a nice lunch break. It's nice to have that all done. Of course that means we have to sleep on the floor for awhile. Saturday is the next big day as we fly out at 7am through Denver. Elizabeth Miner is going to pick us up and we'll stay the night with them in Dallas. Mom and Dad W are meeting us in Waco next week to help clean, paint, and all around prepare for the truck to arrive on that end. We will need to buy a fridge, washer…

North Carolina Beach

I finally made in back to the NC beach after 5 years, since our honeymoon. It was still hot and sunny! A family from church lent their house for a couple days. We were located on the west side of the NC Waterway so it was still a drive to the beach but we had some beautiful views and probably a bit more breeze. It was really nice to relax for a bit and Lillian really seemed to like the water. Next year she'll go in a bit farther!

Matt and Hannah's Wedding/Tubing

Mom and Dad W drove us down from Columbus to Dillsboro/Sylva, NC just southwest from Asheville. We spent a couple of days there enjoying the festivities with lots more family from the Hawkins/Miner sides, and Woody. Hannah's family were great hosts and we would love to "stop by" on our way through sometime if we ever drive to NC from Texas.

The Sunday after the wedding we had a BBQ that again included some World Cup watching. Needless to say, most of us were quite disappointed.

Monday we headed out in the morning for a Woody family favorite of tubing down the river. Unfortunately the water was a bit low for some of us. Most of us still seem to lose our balance at some point and fall out. Maybe we can find a river or two in Waco for similar enjoyment, though the word is that the Baylor Univ recreational facility has a lazy river ride within the complex! We'll see, I'm sure Lillian would still find in enjoying.

Here are some shots. Unfortunately we don'…

4th of July and Ohio visit

We had a nice visit with the Welty's and Grimm's on the Fourth. We had a big cookout though ate indoors since it stormed for part of the day plus we needed to watch some of the cup. We managed to catch most of the game on the church's 12 ft screen which made subsequent viewings on regular sized tvs hard.

Although we didn't get to see everyone we managed to visit with most though it was too short. Lillian was up for the task of showing off how cute and perfect she is.

Buntzen Lake

Lunch with friends at an all-you-can-eat Sushi and Korean barbecue restaurant.

We visited Bunzen Lake on Friday with Mike, Tracy, and Jake. The lake is located about an hour east of here. The weather has been really warm here. Fortunately we are in a garden level apartment so it's a bit cooler. Apartments in Vancouver for the most part do NOT have AC. So when it hits the 90s we all struggle. Anyway, the lake was cool and it was nice to get out perhaps one last time with friends before Saturday.

Remembering Dad's visit in June


10 Days left in Vancouver!

We are back in Vancouver after a wonderful time with family in Ohio and North Carolina. More reports and pictures to come soon.

Lillian is tired of traveling.

Lillian and Jake are excited to see each other again.