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Must buy of the Week!

1973 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon - $3000 (Lake Whitney)Date: 2011-04-26, 8:41PM CDT
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This is a one owner, garage kept, 9 passenger station wagon,runs good, clear title, sell as is, no waranty, low milage 65K, call Randy 254-386-6346

Location: Lake Whitneyit's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
9 passenger vehicle!!  That means Kyle and I could have 4 more kids and still fit!  And it would be a perfect first car for Lillian when she turns 16.

Easter 2011

This is the annual children with the Flowering of the Cross picture taken between services.  Wes was encouraged to be a part of it so I sat him down.  Jack was turned around with his back to the camera until he was physical righted.  My favorite part may be the guy in the background who's name is K.Paul.  He is one of the friendliest guys at church and I never realized it until this pic, but he kinda looks like Colonel Sanders in his Easter suit.
I think Lillian is showing off her shoes here.  And Jack wants to say hi, as long as he doesn't have to share the cupcake.

What can be cuter than a Muffin Man sitting on a wall?  Maybe matching brothers sitting on a wall. (Also notice purple all over Lillian's neck from a stamp included in the goody bag from church - don't worry, it matched her afternoon outfit just perfectly.)
Well, we had a super terrific great day!   Happy Easter to all our friends and family.   He is Risen, alleluia!

Princess Dance Party

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Wes is battling allergies these days, this is the best he has looked in awhile.  We have ruled out any food  or dust mite allergies.  They are testing for grass now which I really really hope he does not have.  I realized the other day that I started using a new fabric softener that could be causing the problem.  I hope to receive a call from the doc next week.   Jack has been doing so well in speech lately and he really seems to be coming into his own.  He has also started to show an interest in using the potty and has surprised me with initiative on that front.  He's received a couple candy rewards already for his progress. Lillian is making new (girl!)friends at MOPS which we attend twice a month.  Here are two of them taken at a zoo visit a couple weeks ago.  She is looking forward to school and all the excitement and newness that comes with it.  She has been playing a math game on the computer a lot lately and I'm hoping that she knows her numbers plus some addition, etc b…

Scrapbooking, etc

This site allows you to scrapbook without all the scraps.  The collage is interactive and you can add videos or use as a slideshow.  Tons of options including cards, books, burn to dvd, or print with lots of variety.  It is so much easier (and FASTER!) than some of the photo websites I've used in the past, Snapfish, Shuttlefly, etc.

Check it out

Blogger has put together some new looks for your blog.  Check out the links to the left to view our blog and others in a variety of ways.  I think my favorite is the flipcard.  Which one do you like?

Morning business

Here is our van on its way to the shop.  We are hopeful that the problem will be an easy fix. 

***EDIT: The van was fixed easily and cheaply!! Yeah, only $45, amazing!  And the tow was free thanks to AAA.  The hardest part was driving all the way out to China Spring, the closest TRUSTED shop we've found.

New words

Jack is just amazing us these days with lots of new words and imitating us and Lillian at times.  A couple of days ago we were talking about a token that the speech therapist left at our house (belonging to one of Jack's favorite games). Jack said "I love money."  Money is not a new word and we've been working on "I love you" but putting it together like this was very expressive and exciting!

He also says Lillian's name in a very cute way, since her name is impossible for most 2 years.  He has said these words lately around us and during speech therapy: whale (as a southerner would say it), mouse, I do, lunch, snack, wateee for water, Asheee for Asher, and funny.

Bad Days and Good Days

Well, we are surviving.  The kids and I are on our way to recovery.  Kyle, the last one to get sick is still in the midst of his battle.  Pray for his strength to return and for the bug to be completely gone so that he can try to start the week off on a better note.  He has a lot of work to get done plus he leaves Wed/Thurs for another conference.

We skipped church this morning although we felt a little better I knew we weren't in the clear to be in close contact with others.  The kids and I went out early to give Kyle some quiet rest.  We stopped for coffee and breakfast, a quick shop around Target, and then on to a first time visit park.  There were only a couple other dog walkers/joggers.  It's in a perfect spot over-looking the lake and west of Waco.  Here are a couple shots of some Bluebonnets that are starting to peak out.

Sorry the quality of these pictures is so poor, I'm using the camera on my phone which is maybe 3mpx.

Not feeling too good around here

I thought I'd be able to get in a fun April Fools Day post but we are all serious around here today.  I don't know what's going around but it's not good.  Tuesday night Jack starting throwing up (but slept well during the night), he seemed to be better during the day with only one other episode.  But now it's spread to Wesley who spent most of the night throwing up or trying to throw up.  I slept in Jack's bed so that I could be close to Wes and after finally getting some longer sleep, got woken up with the news that Lillian had gotten sick in her bed too!  Lots of laundry and cleaning up and now my stomach is quite shaky.  I'm hoping to pull through with no incidents....

Kyle was convinced to stay home today.  Here is a pic of Lillian when she had a horrible cold when she was just over 1 year old.