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Do you recognize this girl?


Steak and Shake

We have a lot of catching up to do on the blog.  Lots of fun and pics to post.  Here are a couple shots from an evening out at Steak and Shake.

Do you know the Muffin Man?


Best day ever!

As declared by Lillian, the 4th of July was "the best day ever."  She spent the morning and afternoon with her cousins and cousin's cousins at the Rosenfelder cookout.  Then after about an hour rest, skype session with Grammy and Grandpa, we headed out to the Zuba's for more food and fun.  The evening ended of course with the crew watching the fireworks at the University.  Lillian was whooping and hollering over every firework. She let me know that it was so awesome!

Unfortunately Jack, Wes and I spent most of the time inside on our own.  Jack had gotten sick during the night and needed to be kept away from other kids.  I of course didn't mind being kept away from the excitement of the fireworks but Jack would have enjoyed it for sure.

Compare for yourself

We love our friends in Waco and all the fun stuff to do with our friends.  But Kyle and I just can't stand the heat, so we got out of there.  I may have to do this post every week just so it is well documented.  Those 10+ degrees are a world of difference.  We miss you Waco but we aren't coming home yet!
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