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West, TX

Baylor hosted the memorial service for the twelve firefighters/first responders killed in the explosion up in West, TX (about 20 miles from Waco).  Kyle gave his Baylor students the day off, and he took Jack and Wesley to watch the procession to the service.  There were hundreds of fire trucks and emergency vehicles in the procession, which lasted for ninety minutes.  The boys eventually lost interest, but they were impressed by it all.  Kyle took a few pictures, and Wesley gave many of his photo-time scowls.  Jack cooperated slightly better.

Fun at home

Everyday Kyle and I are so thankful for the trampoline.  The kids go straight to it as soon as they step out the door.  And we are also thankful that they have remained injury free (relatively so).  They started to use it as a wrestling site with someone always screaming from being sat on/squished.  Don't worry, Wesley is often the perpetrator. 
Saturday evening was a stick burning/cookout.  A little jumping, a hot dog, a little more jumping, eat some veggies...

Yes, it's impossible to get a focused pic of them.  Well, maybe Kyle could.

Yesterday Kyle worked on the finishing touches of a couple recent projects.  The first item is a rolling shelf that slides in between the oven and cabinets. (He also made a bigger one that fits in the extra inches next to the fridge.  Like THIS.)  Next he made a little shelf for his wallet and keys that will hang next to the front door.  He also made a built in shelf for the bathroom that fits in where the electric heater was (aka house burn d…