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Beautiful Faces

I've been trying to change some of my habits in regards to my face.  Limit the make-up (obviously that's not a hard one), all-natural one or two ingredient cleanser and moisturizer.  And I love it.  I use half and half of olive oil and castor oil for my face cleanser and then 100% coconut oil as the moisturizer.  I love it, it makes your skin feel amazing.  Here's some more information if you are interested: Simple Mom.
But look at these faces!  No special soap, cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator, or cream of any kind needed.  Just a wipe down every once in a while.  Beautiful!

Isn't this the most amazing thing?  Your child reading (!) to your other children!  I love it and she takes such pride in it.  She's still writing lots of notes and letters.  Yesterday she boasted to us that another girl at school said she wanted to be her (or be like her) because Lillian is a good dancer and a good artist.  Now there's a confidence booster.

The boys are well and keepin…

Jaja and Grandpa Visit

Mom and Dad were here from February 8 -15.  We were also so excited since it's been a whole year since we have seen them.  The boys and I picked them up from the airport in the morning and went for a brief walk up and on the dam at Lake Waco.  It was a bit breezy and cool so we didn't stay long.  That evening we celebrated Dad's 65th (!) birthday with an awesome Thai Yellow Curry and rice dinner and finishing with some cupcakes (not quite 65 though).  
Unfortunately, Lillian once again missed out on some of the visit with her schooling but she did get a special visit with them when they came to school and had lunch with her, met some of her friends, and teachers.  
We had some highs and lows, Wes got sick of course, but altogether had a great visit (though way too short).  We went to Chuy's on Friday night to enjoy the free chips and queso (beans, meat, more cheese, and lots of salsa and sauces) plus dinner!  
It's really hard to let them go, especially this time.…

In hospital, round #2


7:40am take Lillian to school

8:00am arrive at drs. office with Wesley
Low oxygen levels detected resulting in orders to go to hospital ER

9:30am pick-up Mom & Dad and Jack and drop off my parents at the airport for their 10:40 flight home

9:45am drop off Jack at a friends to spend the day

10:00am arrive and check-in at Providence ER. Wes is swarmed by 5+ nurses, aids, doctors.

10:30am RSV diagnosed

1:00pm low oxygen levels and high heart rate cause drs. to decide transfer Wes to a hospital with an ICU, just in case. Nearest one is in Temple 45 mins away.

4:00pm Wes and I board the ambulance for a fast ride. Wes quietly and calmly watches as he is secured on a stretcher and enjoys the ride watching traffic out the back doors.

5:00pm arrive in his new bed and get checked by 5+ medical personnel

6:30pm Wes falls asleep after a long and tiring day.

Since Wednesday he has had his ups and downs but has done really well. Today he has caught up on some much needed sleep after…

Express yourself

They all have to grow up one day, go to school, and learn to read and write.  Lillian has found that she can express herself by writing notes or letters.  Here are two letters written to us in the last week.

As sweet as a Muffin can be

Wesley picked Chuys for dinner and then we came home for cake and presents.  He easily blew out his TWO candles but was considerably less interested in the cake.

From the pictures you will see that he: got to drive for the first time, had a train cake topper, made a mess of his push-pop at Chuys, got a train track attachment that Jack loves too, and his favorite present was probably the 25c bouncy ball.

Thanks for all the cards and phone calls.


Almost 2

This video was taken about 5 hours before I went into labor.  I was on bed rest and the kids were visiting me before bedtime.

It's been 2 years since I've been pregnant.  And it feels good.  It's so exciting to watch these kids grow, and now our youngest is turning two. Wes does his best at keeping up with his big brother and sister.  Today we went to the zoo without the stroller or diaper bag.  Wes and Jack ran or walked the whole way though Wes was feeling it by the end. He was down for his nap an hour earlier today.  Unfortunately he has hit the terrible twos pretty hard.  He struggles to get his desires known and usually ends up on the floor when his demands are not met, known and unknown.  

He is talking a lot.  Elephant, football, all gone, want some, water, and copying whatever anyone else has just said.  Lots more to say of course.  I'll save some for tomorrow...

He was born at 5:41 a.m., he weighed 7 lb 14 oz., he was 19.5 inches.