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Arriving in the valley - August 2016

We are currently living in McAllen located in south Texas just 9 miles north of the border.  It is very tropical, very hot, very spanish-speaking, and our favorite part - filled with very yummy Mexican food.  McAllen is about 140,000 population but with the surrounding towns it is over 1 million.  Kyle actually works in Edinburg where UT-Rio Grande Valley is located.  It is about a 20 min drive north.  Earth view of our neighborhood

Waco Good-byes

I don't really know the best way to describe our good-bye to Waco.  It felt a little pathetic actually, going out with a whimper.  You know how restaurants have soft openings before the Grand opening? Well, this felt like a soft closing.  I guess because Kyle had already moved down in August 2015 and we spent most of 2015-2016 planning our Waco departure.  And then when it finally came there wasn't much to do.  I kept saying I was going to plan a good-bye party but summer seems like a bad time with so many people out of town. We didn't do our best to say good-bye to everyone but I think that's because no one really likes saying good-bye.  (Hellos are so much better.)

Here are some pics from our final visits around town and from the last week or so in Waco.

After M/D Welty and Kyle drove away with the truck August 1st, the kids and I stayed in Waco for 2 more weeks because our house in McAllen would not be available until Aug 15, plus we had the closing.  Plus plus, we …