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First Week for Jack


Just Thinkin'


My Turn to Hold

Everybody wants a turn to hold Jack but Lillian has consistently requested to hold him the most. She's having fun being the big sister.

We had a lot of help over the past two days. Many many thanks to the Nydeggers and Fricks!!!

Jack Robert Welty

Jack joined our family at 10:24 this morning. Everyone is well. He weighed 6 lb. 2 oz. and measured 19". Lillian is playing with Ms. Aaryn, and Jack and Mom are napping. Here are some pictures.

Favorite Outfits

These are two of Lillian's favorite outfits to wear. The one is her ballerina look as she calls it. You actually can't see the bottom of the skirt but it has blue tulle as the showing slip. She wore it last week to church and again today.

The second is not a Halloween costume but an everyday look that just happens to make her look like a kitty cat. If you squeeze the nose, she meows. She wore this to our library day on Wednesday and actually fit in since other kids were dressed up.

She would wear these two looks exclusively if I let her probably. It is pretty cute.

Our Big Helper

Kyle has been showing Lillian how to help out around the house. I'm loving it. Her two favorite things are unloading the silverware and grinding the coffee beans in the morning. Usually the first thing she says to us in the morning, as she runs into our room, is "help Daddy make coffee?" Sometimes we have to tell her not yet and to go back to her room to sleep more (if it's really early) or to read or play (15 minutes early).

Please excuse the messy kitchen and the fact that we still have not painted. It doesn't always look this bad.