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Lancaster Hot Air Balloon Festival

After attending the local hot air balloon festival in Lancaster last year, the kids (and Katie too) looked forward to returning to it this summer.  Unfortunately, only three of the balloons launched because it was a little too breezy, but we had a great time nonetheless.   We sat very close to the action, and Kyle and Kermit even helped inflate one of the balloons.

 During the slower moments the kids ran around and even 'danced.'

Dress Up w/ Grammy

Every summer Lillian and Grammy spend a good deal of time dressing Lillian in clothes from different eras.  Here are a few pictures from this year's sessions.

Although he was hostile to the idea, Jack allowed himself to be dressed in some of Kyle's childhood clothes.

Hocking Hills

One morning we made the short drive from Lancaster to several spots in the Hocking Hills area.  Our first stop was at the Cantwell Cliffs.  We needed a wider angle lens to really capture it, but we did what we could
 Headed down to the cliffs area.

Next we went to Rock House, which is a cave with numerous openings.  We had to hike down to the valley floor and then ascend up to the cave.

After lunch at a bbq place, we went to Lake Logan.  Kyle and the kids enjoyed a short swim.

Lancaster, OH (July 29- August 10)

After a brief visit with the Tidds, we made it to our final destination: Lancaster, Ohio.  It was a relaxing visit, and we especially enjoyed the relatively cool temperatures.  Here are a few pictures from our visit, and we'll post a few more of particular events and day trips.