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Birthday weekend in Dallas

Another weekend away.  We decided after our last fun weekend in Dallas that we definitely wanted to do it again.  So we found a hotel and a weekend and a reason, my birthday!  This time we just went up Saturday morning and stayed overnight.  It wasn't as long of a visit but it also wasn't as cold and we got in some fun outdoor time.

Next we headed over to the hotel to check-in and relax before an early (4:00!) dinner.  Afterwards we had a quick dip in the hot tub and jumps in the cool pool, led by Lillian,  Jack and Lillian shared the pull out couch and were asleep within minutes.  Wes had the floor as usual and took his time but I think he was asleep by 9.  

The next morning we had breakfast in the room, a few items gathered from Whole Foods the day before.  And Kyle even walked over to Starbucks for coffee for us.  We got up and out by 10:00 in order to make our much needed stop at Trader Joe's (we've become very dependent) and then on to our 2nd park visit.

Sayings and other notes


Copying his teacher "Jack, you know better than that."Also, with hand in the air "Listen to the teacher."In the morning getting dressed "Oh no, not sweat pants!" Who knew a 3 year old boy would despise sweat pants? Yesterday he requested his corduroys but they were dirty and he had to wear sweat pants after all!Quietly at dinner last night "Baby, you're a firework."  (No comment.)

Jack He takes great pride in saying "Thank you" with a clearly defined th, we are very proud with his progress.  He has started to receive homework for his speech therapy and takes responsibility for getting it done every night.In telling a story to his teacher used the line "When I try to go to sleep at night with my eyes open..."Loves to talk about Jesus dying on the cross and how when we die we will live in heaven with Jesus.  And that Grandpa Jack is in heaven.  

Lillian This girl likes to talk.  Kyle had to tell her last night in the car …

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