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Weekly Report

Well, not much to say. It does look like Lillian will start crawling in the next week or so. She's getting around pretty well sliding across the floor.

Just wanted to post a couple pics for everyone.

Scenes from a Tub

Lillian is still enjoying bath time. She usuallys spends this time with her daddy and has fun trying to get him wet either by splashing once in the tub or by a sneak attack in between taking her diaper off and plopping her in.

I weighed her last Sunday and it looks like she's up to 17 lbs now!!

Come Visit Me

Lillian's wondering when her aunts, uncles, grandparents and other family and friends are going to come visit her and her parents for a couple days. Come soon!

Thanks for the rain

We had a great rain yesterday and last night. Maybe the grass and plants will turn green again. With the rain also came some cooler temperatures for the next week or so. 70s and sunny is so perfect!

We were going to go on a family outing to the Baylor Women's soccer game yesterday but due to the rain we switched our plans to going swimming at the rec center. We didn't realize that the indoor pool can close when it thunders/lightnings. Oh well, we're just thankful for the rain.

New tricks

Lillian has developed a few new tricks. One of them is swishing her saliva in her mouth. She does it loud enough for us to hear. The other thing that she is really good at is turning around in circles on the floor. She's backing up some and even gets in the crawling stance but that's it. Another funny thing that she does is when I'm putting her to bed just after feeding her, I pat her back in case she needs to burp and she does the same to me.

Welty/Welty gathering in July 06

Kyle, Kelsey and Annie's brother Mike - and the babes

At the Lake in NC

Sleeping beauties.

Come see Waco

We had a nice visit with the Polak family over the Labor Day Weekend. They came down to Waco and stayed for two nights. We celebrated Mark's 1st birthday with them and explored another park within Cameron Park. Next time maybe we'll need to visit the Cameron Park Zoo which I read has two new baby lion cubs.

Lillian also received her new booster/high chair in the mail a couple of days ago. And the Polaks' also gave us a crib that Mark had been using. It's really nice with lots of room for Lillian to grow. I'll get a picture of it later.

Back to Lillian

Sorry, it seems as though there is too much controversy regarding my last post so I'll keep it simple by just posting a picture of Lillian. Since I complained when the weather was so hot I should probably let you know that it's been absolutely perfect here the past couple of days. We have been able to turn the A/C off and get outside to enjoy the neighborhood. So far this has included a walk to the library and grocery store, about a mile away. So, since it's been so mild lately I thought Lillian should try out her first pair of jeans. She seems pleased.

Your Celeb look alike

OKAY, so maybe these don't really work well. But I have thought Jul looks like Kate Winslet alot?? I think the other results are just based on the facial expression not the features. Anyway, a little fun for the day. Kyle's is definitely the funniest!!

Thanks Rach for the comment, you know you love it. I may have to continue with Matt and Pete too :)